Sunday, September 30, 2012


Virtual Asia Productions has opened its doors with Crazy, Collin, Kur and Ginger on board!  We will be producing fashion shows, commercials, model introductions and showcases!  If you are unfamiliar with our mission and Virtual Asia please take time and read about it now on this blog.  Remember we are looking for your LIKES!  We can continue to create awareness and attract real world investors with likes and followers on our Blog and now Youtube channel!

If you are interested in hiring a video production by our company please contact Crazy Ibor or any of the artists for a rate card.  Take a look at our introductory videos and check our channel often to view the latest releases of what we are doing on the sim and on the grid!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Virtual Asia Cart Show

We are getting set up and ready for our first VA Cart sale starting this Sunday Sept 30th. We will be featuring not only the city designers but also exciting new and established makers of clothes, skin, accessories and poses!

Kicking off the cart sale will be a Fashion Show produced by Black Liquid, later on we will have fire works, fan dances and more events during the weeks of the cart sale.  So save your lindens or just come down and browse our sim we would love to see you!


Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Virtual Asia Live Music Concert Series would like to present  Cleodora Lorelei live at the Margarita Lounge Sept. 26th  at 8 pm slt. 

cleo poster

Cleodora Lorelei is a young artist from the US who has been singing since childhood. She began playing guitar at age 12. Using life's struggles as her inspiration, her songwriting is a diary of her journey and a way to center herself.

She enjoys an eclectic assortment of music and embraces anything that stirs emotion. Cleo primarily plays acoustic covers and originals, but can sing with backing tracks as well. Cleo's original music can be described as a mix of folk and pop and aims to pull at the deeper feelings we sometimes hide.

Cleodora's original songs expose her vulnerability and pain in hopes of connecting with others who have and can appreciate the underlying beauty. Cleodora is new to the SL Music scene and has been inspired and excited by it. She hopes the audience will welcome her into their hearts.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Virtual Attitude Wrestling is comming to VIrtual Asia

The VAW is proud to announce their collaboration with Virtual Asia. This is a new venture and we are extremely excited about this chance to exchange ideas and business strategies and to make both companies even stronger.

The VAW was started Feb 21st 2012 by Vince Aftermath who also owns the organization. It has two shows per week a traveling show on Tuesdays called Carnage Zone and the Thursday show Called Turbulence taht is based at the Potomac Center.

Virtual Attitude Wrestling is the only traveling sports entertainment organization in Second Life entertaining fans all around the grid every week. This partnership will create a new era for both parties mounting together with a top notch community and with top notch sports entertainment.

A night to remember October 16th 2012 @ Virtual Asia Tokyo VAW Carnage Zone. Nothing this big has been in Tokyo since Godzilla. Come join us and see what happens.

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Collective

We would like to welcome The Collective to our city,

The Collective is a group of experienced model friends who work together to put on shows for fun and our personal and professional development. We particularly like working with new and smaller designers, doing relaxed, informal shows in original settings.

We started in the summer of 2012 and so far have worked with Prism, Steinwerk and Little Virtual Asia Sim.

We have an office in Tokyo City, Virtual Asia, please drop by to see photos of our models and previous work.

If you'd like to know more or discuss possible projects, please contact Kellis Denimore or Beatrice Serendipity.

Angeli Optera (photographer)
Apollo Call
Beatrice Serendipity
Belice Benoir (DJ)
Cottoncandy Teardrop
Hee Jewell
Julia Brand
Kellis Denimore
Lia Camille (photographer)
Lopez Fairlady
Lua Vendetta
Nice Wildrose
Noel Denimore
Ona Waffle
Sakira Mirabella
StarliteStarbrite Constellation

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Virtual Asia's Live Music Concert Series presents MewZ Artis

mewz poster

Last week Virtual Asia  kicked off  the new Virtual Asia Live Music Concert Series with Long Pausch, we had a great turnout and a good time was had by all in attendance. This week we welcome Korean soul singer MewZ Artis!!

Mewz comes to us from South Korea. When she was in middle school she heard a lot of American radio, it was then she fell in love with the soulful sounds of R&B and HipHop. Some of her favorite artist include Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Jill Scott ,Luther Vandross, George Benson, John Legend and more. At the time she was just starting to study basic English, despite the fact that she didn't understand the meaning of the words the music touched her so much it inspired her to start singing.

" Music is such an important part of my life, I can no more go without it than air. My body lives in Korea but my soul is living inside of music and it will forever"

Here is a little sample of what you can look forward to this evening

Please join us this evening 5pm slt @ The Margarita Lounge for an evening of live music and dancing in the city!! See you there.

Welcome to the city! BabyChampagne Sass

We would like to welcome BabyChampagne Sass to our city.

Tell us more about your business in SL?
BabyChampagne Sass: This is my childhood dream to be a fashion designer, I love shoes and I think it is quite difficult to find interesting shoes with special heels in second life.. so i decided to make some for fun

What makes your product special?
BabyChampagne Sass::  MY  shoes normally come with 3 variations, that means you can play with the combination of different heels in 1 shoe designs.. or different leather type .. so that creates more variety and customizes the fashion

Whats your experience with Virtual Asia?
BabyChampagne Sass: I enjoy Virtual Asia, this is a sim full of different cultures , and the Asian streetscape reflects the real life. It creates a space for people who are interested to explore Asian culture. What  I like the most is you can even learn mandarin in the city and people here are nice, always willing to help each other. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Interview with Maarten Kawanishi about Project Virtual Asia, by Lua Vendetta

LV: Tell us a little about your first steps in SL.
MK: I was searching for new opportunities for my real life company, Virtual Adventures, for a way to present products and services. I was conducting research for a real client to build a 3D shopping center. In 2007, I did an Internet search and found SL. After playing a bit with the interface and visiting some SL destinations, I immediately saw possibilities and business opportunities. I have been here nearly 5 years and am still enjoying it.

LV: How did Virtual Asia come to be?
MK: Virtual Asia is the result of my adventures in SecondLife over the last 5 years. I started to build the virtual cities of Cybertopia City, Nederpoort City and then New York City. New York expanded to 5 Sims at one point. You can continue to do Internet searches for any of these cities and find information about them. After those cities maximized on their potential, it was time for me to reflect, start over and do it better this time around. That is how Virtual Asia was born.

LV: Tell me about the Virtual Asia Project.
MK: I carefully chose the core team we have in the City. Our first real life project will be set up in either Indonesia, the Philippines, or Malaysia. The project will be about creating a means where we can train participants and offer them a full-time job in our virtual city. Rather than hard manual labor that pays $ .50 to $1.00 per day, we strive to offer $3.00 to $5.00 per day in a virtual city by working in jobs such as greeters, store managers or virtual cab drivers. For those not familiar with virtual worlds, this probably sounds unbelievable. Soon, however, we will have our main web site online where we will clearly explain how this will all work.

LV: That is a very nice incentive and great idea, but how do they know about this in RL? How do they know that in SL they can work for more money?
MK: In short, our plan is to physically go to Asia and open a real office with computers and a strong Internet connection. We will start small, with 5 participants for example. Although we are still in the early stages of this project, we are already investigating the possibilities and doing a good deal of networking. At this stage, we think we will start in Indonesia, the Philippines or Malaysia because of our connections there.

LV: You have or will have sponsors to afford computers, net, office, electricity, etc?
MK: We have some great entrepreneurs ready to lend their support because of our project's innovative nature. At present, we need to collect data and prove that we are capable of pulling this off without sponsorship. All of the money that we currently need to sustain the Sim is being made in world: money to pay the tier, greeters, hosts, etc. The best way for us to succeed with this project is by being self-sustaining and not having to rely on sponsorships or donations as yet. Wouldn't it be great to be able to buy all the computers we need and pay for rent for the office space with money solely made in Second Life?

LV: What motivates you to do this project?
JK: Despite the current state of the world economy, life is very good in Europe and the United States and others have it far worse off. When I visited Indonesia in 2006, during an earthquake, I saw a good deal of poverty. Seeing poverty-stricken places on television in no way compares to seeing it in real life.

While sitting in a fast food restaurant in Jakarta in 2006, we saw young children between the ages of 6 and 10 selling newspapers in the pouring rain. My wife bought a hamburger for one child that was standing near us. He ran outside with the hamburger and eagerly shared it with 6 or 7 friends. It brought us to tears. That was the turning point of our stay. With this on my mind, I decided I needed to do something to make a change. With the experiences in Jakarta and my first visit to SecondLife, I decided to make a collaboration of the real and virtual worlds to try to make a difference. It is not likely that we can help thousands of people with this project, but if we can help 5 people earn a decent income that will be a successful start to this project.

LV: What does Virtual Asia now offer to SL residents?
MK: We can describe it with one word...value. Value, for example, is shown from 50 free apartments, Mandarin Chinese classes, soon we will expand with German and Japanese classes, a movie cinema, multiple cafes/lounges, a city built with photorealistic images, a subway, and most importantly a strong team that is happy to serve the community. Value is content that gives people a reason to log back into SecondLife and that they can use to improve their virtual lives.

LV: How can people help Virtual Asia?
MK: If people really believe in what we do and want to support us, please come visit Virtual Asia in SecondLife and enjoy the City, like us on Facebook and follow our journey on our blog to make this project become real.

Always challenge yourself to do things better and open yourself up for criticism, otherwise you will never experience progress in your work. Javabox Kawanishi

Streets of Virtual Asia

We are constantly striving to improve the City with better textures, user friendliness and to make a better experience for everyone. Today, I added some new textures to some of the buildings, created a new skyline, and removed some obstructive builds to make a better and more open view of the skyline. Enjoy!

Enjoy the city Virtual Asia and support our work by "liking" us on facebook:

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Virtual Asia in BOSL Weekend News

Virtual Asia was spotlighted in the current BOSL Weekend News.  Crazy and Stormy joined Frolic for this edition.  Thanks to BOSL for having us and for helping us spread the word about the mission behind our fabulous City!

-Team Virtual Asia

Friday, September 14, 2012

Virtual Asia Moon Festival Cart Sale and Hunt

We are now accepting applications for The Moon Festival

*Cart sale and hunt will  run from Sept 30 - Oct 14th

* 21 Retail spots available

* $250 Cart rental with up to 5 prims for display and/ or Vendors

*  We ask for at least one exclusive item that is $99L or less preferably Asian themed

* Participation in the Mooncake hunt that will run concurrent with the cart sale is greatly encouraged but not required

If you are interested in being a part of this awesome one of a kind event 
please submit a note card titled Moon Festival CS- with your name to Margaux Dufaux. On the note card please sure to include the name of your shop, a short description and a landmark. Contact Margaux Dufaux to reserve your spot today!!

Please see below for more info.

VA Moon Festival Cart Sale and Hunt

Every year on the fifteenth day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar, when the moon is at its maximum brightness for the entire year, the Chinese celebrate "zhong qiu jie." Children are told the story of the moon fairy living in a crystal palace, who comes out to dance on the moon's shadowed surface. The legend surrounding the "lady living in the moon" dates back to ancient times.

Virtual Asia will join the fun of this traditional Asian celebration this year with many entertaining and interesting events hosted here in the city .

The fun will start Sept 30th with The Moon Festival cart sale that will run until Oct 14th. This cart sale will feature exclusive designer items for $99L and less as well as other great goodies from over 20 of SL's most talented designers.

The Chinese celebrate The Moon Festival with special mooncakes, that  are regarded as an indispensable delicacy. Mooncakes are offered between friends or at  family gatherings while celebrating the festival. For the duration of the cart sale there will be a Virtual Asia Mooncake hunt. Guest will be guided around the city hunting for these special treats stuffed with special gifts  from participating designers all over the city.

Sept  30th  is also the day the Chinese will celebrate the official zhong qiu jie festival . We will have many great events here in the city including live music, fan dancing, contest and fireworks!!

We look forward to celebrating The Moon Festival this year with our Virtual Asia friends and family.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Frolic Mills on the Streets of Virtual Asia!

Frolic Mills, Crazy Ibor, Stormy Somerton

Today we were pleased to be visited by Frolic Mills of BOSL.  Crazy Ibor and Stormy Somerton joined Frolic for the upcoming BOSL Weekend News during which the vision behind Virtual Asia will be presented.  Stay tuned for the broadcast of the segment.

Thanks to BOSL and their crew for visiting us here in the City!

-Team Virtual Asia

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Long Pausch Live @ Margaritas

Get a little taste of  Long on this open mic video!!

8pm slt Virtual Asia invites you to come and enjoy the soulful sounds of Long Pausch, singing all your favorite R&B hit music tonight at the Margarita Lounge

One of the best live musicians in sl, Long Pausch's love of music will shine through in his strong effortless vocals. Singing everything from the slow songs that make you want to pull someone close, to upbeat dance tunes that incite sing-a-longs he is sure to make this live music event a memorable one.

 The Margarita Lounge located in the city of Virtual Asia is the perfect place to meet up with friends to wind down over drinks, good company and awesome live music. We hope to see you there!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Toto, I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore...

That's because we're in VIRTUAL ASIA baby!!!

We are very excited to see that some of our own Virtual Asia residents are both further developing and cultivating new skills. Recently, several great movies (machinima) have been made in the City and have starred some of our own locals. Also, having two modeling agencies based in the City that can give us direct access to models/actors aside from the talented residents that we have here has been very beneficial. The effort put into making these movies has really been enjoyable. Our goal in the City has always been to build a platform for creative people to be able to collaborate and produce amazing work! 

Here are some of the great movies made recently, post comments and let us know what you think!

Produced by Collin Fearne:

Produced by Crazy Ibor

Produced by Kurenai Jun

Produced by Sera (Gigi1 Resident):

Produced by Nova2009 Avril:

-Team Virtual Asia

Born to work

To abolish child labour you first have to make it visible.

Child labour has been forbidden in Bangladesh since 1992. 13 years later I visited a garment factory in Narayanganj, which is the centre of the country's textile industry. I took a picture of the owner beating a 12-year-old boy because he had been too slow sewing T-shirts. The photograph attracted a lot of international attention and made me determined to investigate the issue more fully.

According to UNICEF, more than 7.4 million children are engaged in economic activity in Bangladesh. Many of them work in very poor conditions; some even risk their lives. Factory owners pay them about 400 to 700 taka (6 to 10 US dollars) a month, while an adult worker earns up to 5,000 taka per month.


Monday, September 10, 2012

BOSL Weekend News – September 7th 2012

Vitual Asia in the picture at BOSL Weekend News

Earning about 1.10 USD per week

After her father had passed away three years ago and her mother had to go to another island to earn a living for the family, Ernia, a 13-year old girl who lives in the village of Batetangnga in Polman District in the Province of West Sulawesi, was forced to drop out of school and take care of her younger sister and three brothers all by herself.

After having spent three years raising her siblings, she missed the playful childhood she used to have. “I really wanted to play and go to school again,” she says.Although their meals often consist only of rice, Ernia’s brothers and sister never complain, because they understand the circumstances. “They are so patient and will eat anything that I give them, even if it is only rice,” says Ernia who is very proud of her sister and brothers.

Two of her brothers, Asri and Asrul, who are in second and fourth grade of elementary school, often have to work, especially during school holidays, to help the family survive. They collect stones from the river and sell them, earning about 10,000 IDR (approximately 1.10 USD) per week.

Although the Government of Indonesia strives to provide basic education for all boys and girls, Ernia is not the only child who has dropped out of school. The Out-Of-School Children Study on the magnitude, gaps, barriers and bottlenecks and relevant policies and programmes regarding out-of-school children, which was supported by UNICEF, highlights that 2.5 million children aged 7-15 were out of school in 2009, with most dropping out during the transition from primary to junior secondary school.

One main factor hampering the achievement of the Government’s target for universal basic education is the poor quality of data which can be used to identify children that do not have access or do not complete basic education. Currently, data used by the Government is being collected from the school level, which can only provide information about children in school, missing out any information that may be useful regarding those that are not attending school. Considering this, accurate and updated data on the day-to-day educational experience of children and constraints faced at the household or community level is critical for supporting children’s improved access to quality education. Such an effort can also help decentralized governments conduct better and more accurate planning exercises for improving access to quality basic education for all children.

To this end, UNICEF has developed the Community Based Education Information System (CBEIS) in collaboration with the Center of Education Data and Statistics. The CBEIS tool addresses data gaps on children’s education status at the community level, identifying out-of-school children and reasons for their non-participation. The Basic Education and Gender Equality Thematic Fund support allowed for the CBEIS data on school drop-out to be updated in Polman District.

As a result, 271 children from poor families out of 530 identified as having dropped out were subsequently able to return to formal and informal schools. Ernia is one of these 271 children. Thanks to the CBEIS she was identified and assisted to return to school. She received a scholarship from the district government to cover her school fees and a foundation in the district adopted Ernia and her younger sister and three brothers as foster children, enabling her to go back to school.

During the Back to School Ceremony organized by the district government in cooperation with UNICEF, Ernia told her story. The vice head of district and other high officials were deeply touched and truly impressed by her strong will and passion for returning to school. To make sure all out-of-school children get the opportunity to continue their education, the local government is currently exploring possibilities to allocate more funding to update the CBEIS in other districts of West Sulawesi province and to develop demand-driven transition programmes.

Ernia’s story has also sparked the interest of a journalist from national television who broadcast it nationwide, raising awareness of how important it is to support children who have dropped out to return to school. But even more important for Ernia and her brothers and sister is that the broadcast has also reached their mother, who decided to return to Polman to take care of her five children.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

And the winner of Round 2 of the Face of Virtual Asia is...

Face of VA Round 2 winner - Beatrice Serendipity
Beatrice Serendipity

We had some great contestants this round, so it made for a difficult choice for the management team.  With much consideration, we are pleased to announce that Beatrice Serendipity is the winner of Round 2 of the Face of Virtual Asia.  Beatrice has won L$1,000 and her winning look will be on display on the billboard in the City soon.  

Our runner up in Round 2 goes to Crusade Bosatsu, who won a L$500 gift card to pick up some awesome styles at Sassy! located right here in the City! 

Face of VA Round 2 runner up - crusade bosatsu
Crusade Bosatsu

Thanks to all of the lovely ladies who showed up for Round 2 of the Face of Virtual Asia, from left to right below are:

Keershylar Draconia
Crusade Bosatsu
Nausicaa Dinzeo
Trina Stromfield

Face of VA Round 2 group shot

Special thanks go to Iolejanana ("Iole") Chajit for making the great photos and billboard ad for the Face of Virtual Asia contest.  Pictured below are Iole and Stormy adding some style to the City streets!

Virtual Asia - Iole and Stormy
Iolejanana Chajit and Stormy Somerton

Come join us for Round 3 of the Face of Virtual Asia!  We are looking forward to seeing what you ladies have in store for us! 

-Team Virtual Asia

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Chica Boom, Virtual Asia, in Fab Free Hunt

Chica Boom - Fab Free Hunt

Chica Boom in Virtual Asia is participating in the FabFree Hunt from September 6th thru 30th.  You can come directly to Chica Boom to hunt for our sexy little leather dress, or if you'd like details about the hunt in general, please take a look at the Finding FabFree Hunt blog.   

Happy hunting everyone!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Face of Virtual Asia Contest: Round 2, Fri 9/7 12:00 pm SLT

Dementia Navarita, Winner of Round 1 of Face of Virtual Asia

Round 2 of the Face of Virtual Asia contest is taking place this Friday, September 7th at 12:00 p.m. (noon) SLT.  You can find all of the details about the contest on our "Face of VA" page here on the blog.

We would like to extend our appreciation to Dementia Navarita, who was the winner of Round 1 of the contest.  Dementia's beautiful Harajuku styled image has graced the billboard over the bright lights of the city.

You could be the winner of Round 2 of the contest and not only see your image up high over the City, but also win L$1,000 as well as be eligible to compete at the end of eight rounds for the chance to win L$10,000, plus have your image on the City billboard for a month.

Please see the page on this blog titled "Face of VA" for more details about the contest.

We look forward to seeing you all this Friday for the contest!

-Team Virtual Asia

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Crazy and Collin on the Air at Virtual Overview!

Crazy and Collin on the Air at Virtual Overview

Our own Virtual Asia boys Crazy Ibor and Collin Fearne were interviewed recently on the radio show Virtual Overview regarding the Virtual Asia vision, how the City came to be, and just had some plain old good fun!  (Stormy Somerton just sat by quietly... go figure... well mostly because she got knocked out of voice and was unable to defend herself on air!)

Special thanks to the Virtual Overview crew for having us:
Tori Carlucci
Vince1080 ("I have a hairy chest but know how to work a mesh dress") Atlass
X93 Xevion

Click below to check out the boys on the air as well as the Virtual Overview blog about our visit:

By the way, the Virtual Overview crew will be coming to the City in the coming weeks to do a mobile radio show right here in our streets! You do not want to miss being part of the show, it will be a definite laugh fest!  

-Team Virtual Asia

Monday, September 3, 2012

Welcome to Virtual Asia - Video Promo

Drive In Virtual Asia
Meet In Virtual Asia
Explore Virtual Asia
Go Out In Virtual Asia
Travel In Virtual Asia
Your Virtual Asia
Your Imagination...
Only in Virtual Asia!

Join us Today!

*Video Produced by our very own, amazing director to the virtual stars - Kurenai Jun!  

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Gangnam in the City!

Check out our own take on the Gangnam craze here in Virtual Asia!  The fun, silly, viral phenomena has caught on here in the City as well.  This infectious video (antibacterial spray recommended) was produced by the City's own Ace Videographer, Collin Fearne.

Catch one of our upcoming video productions on a street or rooftop in Virtual Asia near you!

Warning:  Excessive watching of the Virtual Asia Video Channel may cause temporary insanity as well as loss of control of your bladder!

Online Education: Chinese Mandarin Classes

Contributing to online education is an important project for us here in Virtual Asia. We have already had 10 Mandarin Chinese classes in the city taught by instructors Wei Gears and ChenChen Resident. Our goal is to learn whether participants are enjoying the classes and if this is a good way to learn a new language in a virtual environment. The classes are conducted in voice and have been attended by 15-20 students on average. We even use a blackboard and sit in an actual class room in the city. We have had a lot of positive feedback regarding these classes and would like to hear more of your thoughts.

Join us every Saturday at 6:00 a.m. SLT for our Mandarin Chinese class in our new class room in Virtual Asia.

Xièxiè, thank you!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Virtual Asia Job Agency

Come check out the Virtual Asia Job Agency.  Click the Job Openings board in the agency for opportunities or look here at the Job Opportunities page on the blog.  

Help us contribute toward running the City!   We could not keep this great place going without you!

-Team Virtual Asia