Thursday, January 10, 2013

Downsizing of Apartments in the City

In the current challenging economic times, we are working to make sure that we are able to continue offering a great community, quality shopping, and fun entertainment experiences in the City.  To cut back on our overhead, we have downsized a small portion of the City land to save on costs.  With the downsizing of the land, we will be decreasing the number of apartments available in the City and charging a small rental fee for what had previously been the free apartments.  The former free apartments will be available to be rented for the small cost of $250L per month for 30 prims.  We hope you will agree that this charge is very minimal and will help us keep the costs of the City more manageable.

If you currently have one of the former free apartments in the City and wish to keep your spot, please be sure to do the following.  By January 15, 2013, please send a note card to Stormy Somerton with your name, landmark to your apartment, and a message that you wish to keep your apartment.  You will then be assigned a “Resident” tag in the Virtual Asia group and a rental box will be placed out for you.  Again, the cost will only be $250L per month for 30 prims.  If you have not notified Stormy by January 15th, your items will be returned to you for the time being.  Afterward, space allowing, you may still rent a spot.  The apartments will be on a first come-first serve basis, so please send your note card to Stormy ASAP!

We thank you for supporting our community and helping us revitalize the City!  Watch the blogs as more things are coming!!! 

-Team Virtual Asia

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