Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Virtual Asia City Updates

Maanaf and Stormy

As we look back on 2012, we reflect on many good times with great friends in the City. We also had many learning experiences this past year. We would like to pay special recognition to the core group of people and organizations that have helped us make the City what it is today. To our dear friends Margaux, Maria, Crazy, Kurenai, Weidner, Roxanne, Andie, Raz, Ashia, Sera, Riri, Dani, Yuki, Wei, ChenChen, Carl, Lim, Nova, Apiz, YoungWayne, Aidan, Oceane Body Designs, ProFashion Productions, The Collective, Dallas Modeling Corporation, 1 Hundred, Sassy!, Chica Boom, BlackLiquid Stores, FuLo, BSD Designs, Anam Group and Freebie Fashionista Kawaii Kloset, we thank you for all of your many contributions and hard work that you have contributed to the City. (Please note that Carl has been absent from the City for some time due to real life issues, but he is never forgotten in our hearts.) 

As the new year starts, we will also be making some changes in the City. We have restructured the organization and are delighted to have an additional new owner on board. Stormy joins Maanaf, Crazy and Maria as an Owner. Maanaf, Stormy and Margaux will be handling the daily operations of the City.

We will also be making some other changes and exploring some new opportunities. One change will be the revamping of the apartment system in the City. We will be decreasing the apartments to free up land space for other uses. Another change will be the addition of an active nightclub in the City.

There will be further breaking news in upcoming blog posts. We are very excited to keep the City alive and will continue to have fun activities for your enjoyment. Stay tuned!

Wishing you a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2013! 

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