Living in the City

Even the best city is not truly alive with out residents. To help fulfill our vision of a true living city Virtual Asia now has a limited amount of apartment homes for rent. Offering size and budget options for all taste and needs. Some as low as $40L a week as well as some furnished units. Please stop by the Virtual Asia Employment Agency and city office to see what is available.

A few simple rules for our residents to remember..

Respect your neighbors
  • All residents and visitors are entitled to privacy and respect.
  • Please refrain from entering into private areas uninvited, spying or harassment in any form.
  • Remember to restrict intimate/sex chat to private call or IM.

Apartments are for residential use only.
  • No rotating or flashing signs, structures or heavily scripted items (e.g., scripted pets etc)  that will cause lag to the sim or impact the frame rate in the city.
  • Please do not use mega prims or temporary prim rezzers in apartments.
  • The use of occult/demonic/satanic items (e.g., objects, gestures, apparel, etc.) will NOT be tolerated in the City.

Violation of these rules will be result in disciplinary action up to and including ejection and ban from the city. Enforcement of these rules are at the full discretion of city management.

If you are interested in living in the city of Virtual Asia  feel free to contact someone in management to check for availability.  Enjoy your lifestyle experience in Virtual Asia and please feel free to contact someone in management anytime for assistance.

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