An unique virtual city concept in Second life.
Here some simple rules for shopowners:

* Landmark givers = not in front of the store or nearby the entrance, all LM should be on the back of the store.

* Large LM givers = we want to preserve the theme of the city, please no big objects such as LM givers, keep is simple.

* Textures = Each store need their own identity. Put your wall, floor and ceiling textures on as you please.

* Please dont use you vendors as wallpaper.

* Logo Size = 512x512 (a picture is not a logo!)

* Affiliate = we only accept quality affiliate, Soon a list will be available

* Maintain and update your store with new designs/ release.

* Do not build outside your rental space.

* No rotating or flashing signs or structures.

* No temporary prim rezzers.

Thanks You
    Virtual Asia Staff

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